FAST.Framework  1.0.0
FAST.Framework Documentation

The FAST.framework library is a high-performance C++ library designed to handle demanding tasks in various application areas. This library is characterized by its outstanding speed, efficiency and versatility. It has been specially designed for applications that have extremely high performance requirements and need platform-independent functionality.

The FAST.Framework library offers a wide range of functions and tools to help developers solve complex tasks with ease. From numerical calculations to data processing and parallel programming, this library offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of requirements.

Thanks to its platform independence, the FAST.framework library can be used seamlessly on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Solaris. This enables developers to implement and scale their applications on different platforms without great effort.

The performance of the FAST.Framework library has been proven by extensive benchmark tests. Benchmark, which show a clear superiority over other libraries and frameworks in terms of speed and efficiency.

If you are looking for a powerful and platform-independent C++ library that can fulfill your application requirements, the FAST.Framework library is the ideal choice.

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