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FServer Class Reference

#include <FServer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FServer (const FServer &)=delete
 Delete copy constructor.
 FServer (FServer &&)=delete
 Delete copy constructor.
 FServer ()=delete
 Delete copy constructor.
FServeroperator= (const FServer &)=delete
 Delete copy operator.
 FServer (UInt port)
 Constructor of server object.
virtual ~FServer ()
 Destroy server object.
Boolean Run ()
 Start the server.
UInt Accept () const
 Returns id of new client or 0, if aexception expired.
FString Read (UInt client) const
 Read from a file descriptor.
UInt Write (UInt client, const FString &string) const
 Write to a file descriptor.
Boolean Close (UInt client) const
 Close connection to the client.
const type_info & GetType () override
 Returns the type info over object.
FString GetName () const override
 Returns the name of object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from FObject
 FObject ()=default
virtual ~FObject ()=default

Detailed Description

Implements the Berkeley sockets interface

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