FAST.Framework  1.0.0
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FSignal< Args > Class Template Reference

#include <FSignal.h>

Public Member Functions

 FSignal (const FSignal &)=delete
 Delete copy constructor.
 FSignal (FSignal &&)=delete
 Delete copy constructor.
FSignaloperator= (const FSignal &)=delete
 Delete copy operator.
 FSignal ()=default
 Constructor of signal object.
void Connect (FSlot< Args... > &slot)
void Disconnect (FSlot< Args... > &slot) const
 < Disconnect from slot
void Send (Args... args) const
 < Send value
const type_info & GetType () override
 < Returns the type info over object
FString GetName () const override
 < Returns the name of object

Detailed Description

template<typename ... Args>
class FSignal< Args >

Sets the handler for signal. The signal handler can be set so that default handling will occur, signal is ignored, or a user-defined function is called

Member Function Documentation

◆ Connect()

template<typename ... Args>
void FSignal< Args >::Connect ( FSlot< Args... > &  slot)
slotConnect on slot

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